Guyy & the Fox threw us all into a heart-palpitating frenzy at the sheer skill they shared, Guyy & the Fox’s music is energetic, original, layered and reeks of talent.”

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Guyy & The Fox

Soaring violin, searing guitar, thunderous war drums: the music of Guyy and the Fox is a beating heart that will have you spellbound at the edge of your seat. One foot firmly planted in the soundtrack of a mythic battle and the other in a mix of folk, world and roots music, this award-winning group are powerful and captivating. 

Guyy & The Fox have been mesmerising thousands at festivals and shows across the Middle East, South Africa and Australia. Their distinctive, energetic and spellbinding music has captivated audiences in every setting, from festival headlines to intimate shows. Notable performances include Woodford Folk Festival, headlining at the White Mountain Festival in South Africa, The National Folk Festival and touring in the Middle East.

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